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Posted: Sun 6. Dec 2020, 15:53
by O'Neill(GER)
Discord rules:
1. No insults
2. Youtubelinks only in the youtubelinks channel
3. Chat only in the respective language of the channel

Gameserver rules:
1. No cheating
2. No insults
3. All weapons that are available are also allowed
4. Play fair and have fun

Admin and Moderator rules:
1. They represent the Germancrysis community
2. They are calm and polite
3. They have the task to ensure a fair game and to play fair themselves
4. Admin and moderator commands may only be used for this purpose
5. Them are only allowed to ban players if they are 100% sure that someone cheats
6. If a player insults someone else just !mute or !jail apply. Only if that doesn't help you can use !ban