The story of germancrysis

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The story of germancrysis

Post by O'Neill(GER) » Sun 20. Dec 2020, 14:01

German Crysis is a community that formed shortly after the release of the game. First our focus was on modifying our game servers in order to stand us off from the mass of the many Crysis servers and to offer the players a special experience. This resulted in the legendary Germancrysis Server SSM, which we owe mainly to the modder AMD. Even today, the modder Doc is still working on it to constantly improve it. By turning off Gamespy in 2014, the multiplayer could no longer be used officially. But through an unofficial mod of the community, which was coded by Embak, it went on anyway. At the same time, another mod was created by the modder Zi from to continue to use the multiplayer. However, this split the global Crysis community and there were two groups that did not cooperate. That's why we at Germancrysis decided to put an end to this and unite all still active players via one patch. Therefore, our servers can now only be reached via the client.
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